Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Idle Pursuits

One of my favourite websites to visit is Television Without Pity. I discovered it way back in 1999 when I was covering reception for one of my old jobs before I went back to school.

At the time, I was looking for a way to catch up on what happened on Third Watch. The site had recaps and went by the name Mighty Big TV at that time. I loved it because it was snarky, had lots of great wit and of course filled me in on what I might have missed.

(Did I mention I'm kind of a tv junkie?)

Lately though, I noticed there was a bit of a change. All of these recappers popped up who are not who I thought they were. There weren't so many comments in the recaps like before from the regulars Sars, Wing Chun and the rest of them. I was a little disappointed and thought maybe they were taking a back seat.

After all, it was on TWoP where I hooked up with a bunch of online forum posters who got a little out of hand and were known as the bad bunch by the moderators. They shut us down a few times in order to get rid of us from the boards. I figured that we weren't the only wild bunch that caused problems and they had finally taken a step back from the site.

I was wrong.

I did a little bit more digging today looking for what was going on and finally stumbled upon this: from the founders that showed me what had happened way back in March (I'm always the last to know) and it made me sad. I really liked what they did with the site. And frankly, I'll miss the great Glarkware t-shirts that carp on the shows they made fun of.'ll never be the same...and that makes me sad!

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