Friday, August 15, 2008

My sanity, myself

It's been that kind of a week.

Every night I've thought about going to bed early but then something goes on that stresses me and then I end up not sleeping. And then of course it's been the kind of week where everything that could happen/go wrong, did at about 4:10 each day. Added to that, I had three days of appointments at 5:30 that I HAD to be at.

Today I was stressed because I couldn't find my iPod. I knew I had it on the weekend. I knew I had it on Monday. But from there, couldn't figure out where it might have gone. I had a panic that it had fallen out of my purse somewhere between work, the mall, work, the chiropractor, home, the mailbox. I went through my entire day Monday. Where I went, when I got out of my car, what I wore, what I did, where I went...went through my car, stopped at the chiropractor and then made a mental list of all the places I would have to go to check for it. In the end, it was under my desk at work. Phew.

Also today, I ended up getting a call from Ryerson asking about my transcripts from high school. Thank goodness I had left those at work. I had faxed them to the school three weeks ago but apparently that wasn't enough. And getting through to anyone in the department is as difficult as you can imagine. Added to that, getting through to anyone at my former high school proved to be just as difficult. Finally someone called me back and told me to send them directly to her. I'm glad she called me because she was going to cancel my application. As she put it "I was serious" (she had noticed I had registered for three courses). Transcripts sent by Purolator, problem solved.

Once you factor in the craziness of several media calls, a couple of negative stories we had to respond to, several requests for further information on other charts/documents/materials, a press release on a project, and some follow up and you can imagine why my body and mind is exhausted tonight.

I don't know how anyone has the energy to go out drinking and dancing on Friday nights...

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