Saturday, August 30, 2008


Back when I decided to apply to University again I figured it would be easy. You just fill out an application, send them a big fat payment and boom, you wait until they say "WELCOME".

Not so much.

The last time I applied to University I was 18, had the help of an awesome guidance counselor and the internet as we know it today didn't exist. You waited until you got your big fat package from the school and then you sent back the reply letter accepting their offer. For me, someone with a last name starting with R, I watched everyone else above me getting all their letters and when I finally got mine, I was pretty excited.

You see, here in Canada it's not like television where you get a letter in the mail telling you you got in. Here we get the letter, another letter explaining the process, a fancy booklet about life at the school and any other information they feel necessary to help you accept their offer.

Enter the internet. I have registered for my full year of courses without getting accepted to the school yet. I have registered online and have been privy to lots of information for weeks now. And yesterday, I went in and checked out my profile and saw that I was listed as an undergraduate student. Then when I got home I found my package welcoming me to the school on the kitchen counter. (We had a hilarious moment where I jumped up and down screaming I GOT IN!!)

Except, it's not as easy as see, on the letter it says I have to accept the offer by September 1. Which is Monday. I can apparently do this through the internet. But going into the site they link to doesn't show anything. So I tool around the site a bit and see NOTHING. Then I can go into the Ontario University Application Centre to accept it and find...NOTHING.

Am I really this old that I can't figure this stuff out? Or is it supposed to be this hard???

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Sara said...

I get you. I had such a hard time when I started back to school. This interweb thing is very confusing.