Monday, October 09, 2006


First off, to all my Canuck readers...Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully there wasn't too much turkey and goodies this weekend. I'm dreading getting back on the highway tonight. Hopefully all the holiday travellers will have dispersed by the time I get there...

I decided to take a different route on Friday night. With 20 kilometres of construction (it's probably more) on the way out of Windsor, I hate getting stuck and end up wishing I had taken a different route. Added to that, there's almost always a log jam in there somewhere holding things up. I'm completely impatient and like to get going. So I took a different route and ended up taking Highway 3 along the north shore of Lake Erie. It was a beautiful drive. The water comes into view sometime around the 20 minute mark and it stays that way for a while. The sun hitting the cliffs was almost poetic. And at one point, somewhere along the point of Rondeau Park, the land dropped down and there was this wooded area all ablaze in the colours of fall. The moon was rising above it and it was picturesque. If I wasn't such an impatient person (and if I didn't need to stop for gas) I just might have pulled over and taken a photo.

We've been busy here this weekend. Saturday was gymnastics and my niece and I decided to try the scrapbook store in Hyde Park. It was useless, they carry a lot of stuff but it's mostly stuff I don't use. So I had to make due with some paper and embellishments for my niece who wanted to do a page on her 1st communion. Picked up a few magazines and am completely in the creative mode for some cards. I love this feeling. Creativity makes me happy.

My sister and I decided to do a crazy run to Ikea on Saturday night Her: "come on, we'll only be gone a few hours". I had to break it to her that there is nothing she could say that wouldn't make me WANT to go to Ikea. I love it! I ended up picking up a new duvet cover and a new "duvet". It's fake fill so it's not really a duvet. I can't wait to see how it looks. She managed to score six Stefan chairs for her new kitchen table. So you know what I ended up doing on Saturday night...

Yesterday we hit the apple orchard. It was so beautiful out! Yesterday was the perfect Indian Summer day. Hot, sunny, still with a bit of crispness in the air. Like a tease really. Hey it's fall but we're going to heat things up again and make you wish it was summer. The bees and mosquitos were awful though which cut things a little short when we decided to take a walk after dinner. It's sunny and beautiful again today but we're probably going to scratch the trip to the conservation area for fall colour photos. The bugs are just too bad and my younger niece and I managed to pick up a cold along the way and we're both feeling like crap.

It's interesting, this weekend, though. I've been thinking a lot about last year and what I was doing. This past Friday was the one year anniversary of my job interview for this position. I remembered the feelings I had and how much I wanted this job etc. And in addition, this weekend last year my fridge broke. So I ended up going through that mess. Sigh...not wishing to go back in time with that one!

So hopefully everyone else had a good weekend. The weather has been incredible! I'll upload some photos later when I get home, my sister's computer is not so conducive to the hook up. I wish she had a memory card slot! But good things come to those who wait right???

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