Monday, October 02, 2006


Remember when I said that I shouldn't speak too soon since I still had to get on the highway? Ya, definitely shouldn't have done that. Because I managed to get myself to the rest stop in Tilbury and was faced with a LINE UP of trucks at the stop. Which should have tweeked me but it didn't. Turns out, there was some sort of back up on the highway up ahead in the construction (as always, since some idiots don't know how to drive in one lane) and I ended up having to drive up the on-ramp (illegal, don't try it) and down Highway 77 and County Road 46 in order to get in to town. No idea what caused the back up though.

Funny story. Yesterday my sister and I settled in to watch Castaway on Bravo while the kids were playing outside. They came in part way through and were fascinated with the volleyball in this movie. You all recall "wilson"? Well my youngest niece was too cute. When she's tired she gets a little dramatic and was so shaken up by the fact that the fake friend in the form of a volleyball in a movie that isn't real floated away from Tom Hank's character that she ended up crying over Wilson for about a half hour after the movie ended. My sister emailed me this morning to tell me that she continued crying after her bath and dinner and had to be rocked to sleep.

I took a bunch of photos at their birthday party on Saturday and one really cute video of them waiting to blow out their candles. I love how my youngest niece sits and watches her big sister to decide what it is that she's going to do. I would totally upload the video but I'm a techno-idiot and have no idea the first thing about how to do it.

I am completely over people who refuse to drive in the right lane on the highway. What is with that? Is it really that hard to drive in the proper lane even with cruise control on?

I hate doing laundry. However, I love to clean out my closet. Which I did last night. And since I just went out and spent a great deal of money on some new clothes, it was necessary to clean out the old and hang up the new. So pretty.

I'm in love with the idea of buying a pair of red shoes. I even have this cute grey suit picked out at Reitmans that I am in love with. And I'm also in love with the new line of red fashions at Cleo. I hate that I'm totally in love with buying a new wardrobe. My credit company however loves this side of me back. Maybe that's what all those dreams were about...

Finally, my sister visited that psychic I went to see months ago. And while I am still on the fence about a lot of what she said (hello, it's the apple season, where is my Mr. Right???), she was able to help my sister find something she has been looking for for weeks. Namely a bag of scrapbook supplies that has been missing since May. No really, she said that it was in a place she doesn't normally look, behind a wicker basket, with a piece of black furniture leaning up against it. It was in the basement, against a wall, behind a basket, with a piece of a black table leaning up against it. I can't make this shit up.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Man, you missed it... Mary sold her pair of the "magic shoes" (the red strappy Michael Kors heels) on Ebay. I still have mine (and wear them too!)

I *heart* your niece. The crying over Wilson is SO something I would have done. In fact, I did cry at that point in the movie - and when I was a kid, its the kind of thing I'd get worked up over for a long time.