Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blah blah blah

I'm sick. And it? Sucks hard core. I hate being sick. Well, actually, I like being sick when I can be sick and stay in my pyjamas all day and sleep until noon and crash on the couch and watch soap operas and drink orange juice and get hopped up on Nyquil and just be sick. But I can't do that. Because I'm trying to prove a point. So I have been dragging my ass out of bed every day and it's not fun at all. Added to that, this is one of those weird colds that sort of sits where it wants to sit at various times of the day. Like in the morning, when it sits somewhere behind my eyes. And hurts. Like a bitch. And in the afternoon, where it sits somewhere in my throat and makes it hurt and makes me want to cough at the same time. Which makes it hard to talk, on the phone, to guys at the car dealership who call me repeatedly during the day. Or in my mouth where I feel like I have been licking a dirty seat on the subway or something. Blah.

I had to take my car in this morning for an oil change and it makes me laugh because I go in there and the guy I get every time is all "well this is what we have to do and this is why we have to do it" and then proceeds to launch into a big discussion about why my thruster needs to be flushed or whatever it is that involves a whole lot of little holes in a pipe that gets corroded or whatever (and no that is not a euphemism for anything, I really needed a flush of some thing in my car). I'm looking at him with this blank stare all "ya whatever, just put it on my bill". The funniest part though was that I wanted the clean car package. As in, clean out my car because it's dirty inside. And I was just thinking they would clean the windows and wipe the dash down, which is really sucking since I drive at night and I can't see out of the dirty on the inside but you can't see it until someone is flashing their lights at you windows. But for the whopping low price of $29.95 they vacuumed my car. And that? Was a little embarassing. Because they cleaned EVERYTHING. I forgot to check the trunk to see if they vacuumed around the clothes I have in there for the dry cleaner and tailor or not. Sigh. Always drama and embarassment in my life.

Finally, I have a confession to make. I am horribly in love with my nieces. Because they are too damn cute. No really. My niece tells me all about her cross country run and how she came in 64th of 67 runners because she was being a good friend for stopping to walk with a kid who got a cramp from drinking a can of pop (soda) and eating a bag of chips. I railed at her a bit about how she doesn't win if she stops to help people who made the mistake of eating before the big race and yada yada yada stage mommy extrordinaire bitch out continues. She listens patiently and then tells me that being a good PERSON is more important than being a winner. Too bad the being a winner makes you a good person lesson was lost on her. Shit man, why is my sister raising such good wholesome people? They need to be evil! Which also reminds me. The evil child. She gets on the phone with me and says "(siiiiiighhhh) why you want to talk to me anyway? I'n bizzy!"

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Yuck... I'm sorry you are sick. Ugh! I've been trying to get sick for two weeks now and I hate that. I hope you feel better soon!