Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ace of Cake

One of my new year's resolutions was to learn something new. Well, that happens just about every day so we'll go with "take a class and learn something new" instead. So since tv was on hiatus and it was winter, I decided to take a photography course and also a cake decorating course. That one course led to the whole three course offerings at Michael's and now I'm done.

While I enjoyed each week of the course learning something different and cool, it was really tedious and I got sick of making cake or icing or both each weekend. One night of class turned into a whole weekend of work. Last weekend was spent pretty much at the kitchen table making roses out of gum paste. Big fun anyone will tell you--not!

So my final cake turned out really cool and now everyone wants me to make cakes for them. That is, everyone in my family. I'm not about to start doing this as a profession, I make enough money doing what I do at my day job. And really, I'm a little too high strung and anal to bake cakes every day. I'd get all freaked out that they were crooked or didn't taste right or had some other issue. Not to mention I'm one of those people that just gets frustrated and gives up.

The courses are actually pretty cool if anyone wants to take them. I figured they were worth it for the $20 they cost. You do have to buy a crap load of supplies, but I didn't hear anyone complaining about my cakes. I loved that I now know how to actually ice a cake properly and I can also apply fondant to a cake. I was tempted to go to this big cake convention type thing in Vegas to learn even more neat tricks but I'm sick of cake. And I don't want to turn into a crazy person...well, more crazy than I am of course!


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Wow Lesley... that's amazing!!! Wonderful stuff!

Pam said...

That is really beautiful. I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes... I think you have inspired me to check that out some time.