Sunday, August 19, 2007

People in canvas shelters shouldn't hate camping

I survived the monsoon of 2007. Well, I shouldn't say that, it isn't fair to people who actually have been through a monsoon. And really, my sister bore the brunt of it. But after all was said and done, I still hate camping.

We camped at this place outside Leamington which was actually quite nice, and by saying I hate camping, it has nothing to do with where we were, what we did, the people I was with or the activities we participated in. I just hate camping. I hate sleeping outside. I hate having to wear a winter hat to stay warm at night (it's August!) and I just hate all of it. Hate smelling like smoke, hate getting my eyes burned from said smoke while trying to adjust the fire. I hate loud neighbours in the morning (seriously, it's 7 freaking a.m., can you not shut up your 500 children all with a first name starting with J about the daddy long legs spiders???) or the loud neighbours at 3 am (were they trying for the record number of times getting told to shut the hell up?). I just hate all of it. But mostly, I hate it when it rains and you're soaking wet like today.

It started raining last night around 11 pm. And continued. And it's still raining. I bet it will still be raining 40 days and nights from now which is when our tent will finally be dry. I absolutely hate it when it rains and you're trying to tear stuff down. Although, like I said, my sister had to do most of the work. We came back from the indoor splash pad and all that was left was the tent and loading the car. That became roll up the tent, roll up the tarp, throw all the other crap in a bag, chuck it in the car and get the heck out of there.

I have to hand it to my sister though. She tried really hard to make me not hate camping. And really, it's not that I don't like camping with them. I just hate camping. I like camping food, I like camping fun, I like sitting around the fire (minus the smoke) and I like the company. I just hate the rest of it.

Sleeping in a nice bed will cure me of that feeling though.

I hope.

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Jennifer said...


I camped for years - I even taught primative camping a couple of summers (the no-tents, no-toilets, survive off the land kind).

Do you know my favorite way to camp? At a five-star resort. With room service and a spa.

Seriously... I don't get the appeal. I love the outdoors, I love the stars, I love the open fire food. But the rest of it can all go away.

Give me a fluffy bed and a concierge.