Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This year, is gonna be incredible
This year, is gonna be the one
All the planets are lining up for me
This year, I'm gonna have fun

This year, I'll paint my masterpiece
This year, I'll be recognized
I can feel like I'll fall in love for real
This year, this year
~ Chantal Kreviazuk

I think I was going through a bit of a down moment when I posted my last entry. I tend to get like that but thanks to some really great people around me, I was reminded of how most of those pit stops were really lessons on the path I'm on.

But then I think about this year and the things that I'm expecting to have happen...I'm going to buy a house this year (nothing planned but I know it's a goal), I'm finishing my public policy program, I'm hoping to take on more responsibility with work, I'm getting even more healthy...lots of good things are expected this year, and who knows what might come along a little unexpectedly.

So good things...positivity...happiness!

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Anonymous said...

that's better! and don't forget scrapbooking at younique woo hoo