Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lipo would be easier

I swear I have no luck when it comes to Yoga. I think I should just give up now.

Two years ago when I joined the local gym I started going to the yoga classes. The first one I went to was ok but I was kind of on the fence. Decided to stick with it and went to the second one. Hated it. I ended up in a power yoga class and the downward dogs were killing me. To the point where I think my wrists were seriously considering divorcing my arms.

I again, decided to stick with it and the third class was awesome. I loved the teacher. She was a sub from a studio in town and was just fantastic. I loved the way she spoke to us, loved that she kept the talk to a minimum and also worked the room to make sure we were all in positions that challenged us but still didn't hurt.

I ended up in another power yoga class and then gave up. (I'm a quitter, what can I say?)

I decided to try it again after rekindling my desire to do yoga with a few at home videos. They were helpful and I liked doing it again. The class I'm in now is alright. I really don't like all the talk that the teacher does. She has to explain everything. To the point where she explains OTHER yoga moves that we aren't doing. It's making me crazy. Added to that, the moves she does in these classes kill my knees. We do it on a cement floor and the mats don't help at all.

Sigh...I'll stick it out though. We'll see how far I get. I might break down and join the Pilates Classes at that studio in town.

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