Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to design for Luxe part 2

So my big plan was to take photos of the process. Because it's really quite funny when I get going. And at one point on Sunday, I had the entire dining room table covered in paper, the table in the family room, the couch, the island in the kitchen, the kitchen table and one counter covered in supplies. Paper was everywhere, cut outs were everywhere and photos seemed to be everywhere but where I needed to find them. My scissors disappeared at one point as well.

However, my camera is still in London, so my photos are nowhere to be seen. Which also sucks for another reason, I can't send photos of my layouts to the Luxe girls to see if they can use them or to see if I need to do more.

Forget about what we did before we had computers and television, what did we do before we had cameras?

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