Sunday, June 10, 2007


So my nieces were here this weekend for a big babysitapalooza. And while I love them dearly, kids are a whole pile of work. Really, it took me forever to clean up after them. They arrived late on Friday night and once we got them all set up for bed, it was close to midnight. They were up at the crack of dawn (or as the oldest says "it wasn't the crack of dawn, the sun was out") and just went straight until I made them take a nap in the afternoon. They played with a friend's daughter who came over and once the younger one fell asleep, I had them both hit the hay for a nap. We all slept for three hours. Took them to see Surf's Up (which was cute, loved it) at the late show and then they finally went to bed at midnight. No joke, midnight! They were up again early this morning and going straight. We went swimming and then they took a bath while I cleaned up. I swear it took me an hour to pack up all their stuff, clean up the guest room, clean up the kitchen, clean up the bathroom and get them all organized to get out of the bath. And while I was sad to see them go, I was glad when my sister and brother in law got back to take them off my hands. Kids are too much work.

It was sad though when they were crying when they left telling me that they were going to miss me. Even though I'm going to see them on Friday and this is not at all a long time between visits (we've gone four weeks before). It always makes me sad to say goodbye to them. I hate it. And it just seems to be getting harder and harder for some reason.

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