Friday, January 05, 2007

Mount Everest

Today I do the unthinkable. Today I do the extrordinary. Today I attempt something that I have never attempted before:

Today I try to cook a roast beef.

And let me tell you, there are about four hundred bajillion ways on the internet listed to cook a roast beef. So this should be interesting. Which is why one of the things I need to get is one of those basic "how to cook everything from a boiled egg to a pan of brownies correctly" books. Well, I know how to cook brownies. Crap, chocolate desserts seem to be my specialty.

Ok this would be called procrastination. I'm off to cook the roast. I'll keep you all posted.

Or, if you hear media reports of a massive fireball explosion in Windsor, that was me. Cooking my roast.

Please pray for me.

UPDATE: So Julia Childs eat your heart out (yes I know she's no longer with us but go with it anyway). I managed to cook a might fine roast. Potatoes, carrots and all. I seared it at 500 degrees on both top and bottom and then roasted it all at 325 for two hours. Sprinkled a little salt and pepper, onion flavouring and garlic powder and then added a couple of cups of water. AND I made gravy. That worked. AND, as an added bonus, for those who know my cooking skills....I only set the smoke alarm off ONCE! I am a cooking genius!


Anonymous said...

BBQ all the way.

Mary said...

lol - you are not weird, did you read my list? :)

hope the roast beef turned out great! :)

TravelGirlDC said...

My parents are both great cooks and it is damn shame that I never really learned how. Simple case of the cobblers children have no shoes.