Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm afraid to say it's winter

January is shaping up to be a pretty good month. And I hate to speak so soon, considering that it's only day 3. But I had to let the dog out this morning and I did so in a pair of crocs minus the socks. And I wasn't cold.

The last few days have gone by in a blur of travel, packing, and goodbyes. I spent New Year's in Toronto with a few of my friends. Which was actually a heck of a lot more fun than you would believe. I swear, the older you get, more simplistic you like things. We watched a few movies, played a few board games, commented on how it's too bad Anderson Cooper's hotness is so wasted. And just had a good time.

My cold has now manifested itself into some sort of infection that has caused me to lose my voice. Which really sucks because overall, I feel fine, I just have no voice. And it was funny for about a day while my niece told me that if I talked to her with no voice she was afraid I was going to die so I was not to talk to her at all in anything but a whisper until my voice came back. It did come back, briefly, while I was yelling at the dog, to which she replied "hey your voice is back, talk to me!" I was sad to say goodbye to them yesterday, it seemed so quiet here once I got home. I miss them terribly. But I'm sure it was nice for them to get back on to some sort of schedule and have everyone go back to normal. My nieces, who shared a room while I was there, were both of different views on sharing. My youngest loved it and missed being close to her sister terribly, the oldest liked her space and enjoys having her room back to herself. Go figure.

I said good bye to them yesterday and headed home. For some odd reason, I had this massive burst of energy and ended up coming home, unpacking, doing three loads of laundry, cleaning up my bedroom, made my bed, and went grocery shopping. Now I'm firmly ensconced in "relaxation" mode and have made it halfway through Season three of 24. Many thanks to Rina for loaning my the last three season!

It's kind of nice to be home, to have some time to myself before I go back to work, and to just enjoy the last of the holidays. The weather is great and I might just venture out for a walk later depending on how I'm feeling. I'm also hoping the infusions of orange juice and tea will help cure whatever it is that is ailing me.

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