Monday, July 17, 2006

They say it's your birthday

So today I turned 31.

You wouldn't really know it. Well, actually, that's kind of harsh. Not that I want to be a drama queen or anything, but really, it was an uneventful day. No big decorations, no big show, not even cake. Yes it was my birthday but nothing exciting happened. In fact, I called my sister tonight to see how her first day back after two weeks off went and she didn't even remember until about halfway through our conversation.

It's really sad when you have to TELL people it's your birthday.

Sigh...I guess when you get older, not much really happens. Although, I won't complain, last year my birthday saw me in tears, eating a chocolate bar for supper, and going to bed at 7 pm. This one wasn't so bad!

In other better news....Eric Lindros is going to Dallas. Maybe he'll be there when I am!!!


Jennifer Lynn said...

Aw man, why did I *not* know it was your birthday? I am queen of the sucky friends. So happy belated birthday... and we will celebrate when you are down in Dallas next month (and I'm looking forward to hearing the final ruling from the boss on when you can fly out).

Rachel said...

Happy belated! chocolate bars for dinner are not always a bad thing. ;-)

Mary(Pea) said...

happy birthday!