Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gray's Anatomy Lesson

Did you know that you can function without 3 inches of your bowel? This is one of the things I learned this weekend. In addition to the fact that there are clearly not as many supply closets for doctors to have sex in in a real hospital. That there are no on call rooms with nice beds to sleep in. Also that doctors don't just stand around having inappropriate conversations in hallways all day long.

However, I did learn that you can function without this much of your bowel and how did I find this out? Well my mom had to have emergency surgery to remove part of her bowel, her appendix and an abscess. The worst part was trying to comfort her on the way down to surgery when she thought that she was going to die. That broke my heart trying to console her and tell her she was going to wake up and there was nothing to worry about.

Thank goodness for the wonderful health care professionals at LHSC in London. The nursing staff was fantastic even when they were trying to figure out when I was leaving so they could do their job.

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